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About Us

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JR030 Wendell Burnette - Telescope 7073 WEB.jpg


We wanted a place to periodically visit that would be a big change in scenery from our life on the east coast, so we sought out not only a very different environment, but an architect who would bring vision on how to build a house that really emphasized that environment whenever we visited. We tried to give as much aesthetic control as possible to him, and we think the design really delivered.

The Telescope House was designed by Wendell Burnette Architects, an internationally recognized architectural practice located in Phoenix, AX.  "The site formed an existing telescopic frame created by two parallel rows of mature Juniper trees", Wendell Burnette describes. "So the house is a natural camera or telescope towards the Mt. Fuji-esque Cathedral Rock."  Many of Wendell Burnette's projects, including initial designs and renderings for the Telescope House, can be seen on the WBA website (above).

The house was constructed by Roots Design Build, and was completed in September of 2023. Significant subcontractors include Arterra, AZ Waste Water Services, CDL, Clear Country Builders, CMCW, Coyote Glass, EKR Heating and Cooling, Falcon Designs, Fields Custom Concrete, Gale Contractor Services, Monte's Painting, North Horizon Plumbing, Paramount FlooringPur Solar, Rios Plastering, Sedona A-Z Landscaping, Specialty Fireplaces, Stapp Drywall, Straightline Masonry, Summit StoneTech Integrated, and Tryland Homes.

It took 3 years from starting initial design of the house to completion.  Every little detail that went into the house was meticulously discussed and analyzed by the architect, builder, and owners, resulting in a truly stunning piece of art.

The Telescope House is more than just a place to stay in Sedona, it is a unique experience.  There are many "secrets" and interesting features that are meant to be discovered and enjoyed while staying here.  We (the owners) wanted a place with a great view that was different from any other house to serve as an escape from everyday life.  We have a passion for hosting and sharing this unique experience and incredible environment with others.  We hope you enjoy the Telescope House as much as we do.

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