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Area Guide

We hope you love this area as much as we do! Here are some of our favorite things in Sedona, the Verde Valley, and Arizona


Our favorite thing to do in Sedona! There are hundreds of hikes in the local area, of all challenge levels. Our favorite trail can take a good 5 hours (bring a lunch!) but there are many wonderful shorter and easier trails around Sedona, and there's even more variety if you include the rest of the Verde Valley or up near Flagstaff. Hike in the cool forests around Oak Creek to beat the heat in the summer and jump in the water after.

We've got several hiking guides available at the house, but we also always recommend people check out the Hike House in town if you're looking for help to figure out what hike is best for you.

Remember: This is Arizona! Plenty of water, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a good hat are all recommended!

Other Outdoor Activities

Favorite Itineraries

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